MekaMon: 10 Things You Need To Know

Think You Know Everything About MekaMon?

How does MekaMon know it’s hit? How do its legs move like that? Where can I practice controlling MekaMon? Where did MekaMon come from? These are the things you’ll want to tell your friends…

1) No Hit Goes Unnoticed

MekaMon uses infrared sensors to ascertain its surroundings and other MekaMon movements. This means that your MekaMon recognises where it’s been hit and will react accordingly, so plan your tactics carefully. This also includes cover, make sure you use your battle arena to your advantage – seek out cover when under heavy fire for the best chance of survival.

2) MekaMon Has Moves

MekaMon features three degrees of movement in each of its four legs. It’s this freedom that allows MekaMon’s nimble and lifelike movement, and consistently stable support. You can experiment with MekaMon’s movement style and gait in Free Drive for further customisation.

3) Practice Makes Perfect

Taking the reigns of your first MekaMon can be daunting, which is why Free Drive is easily accessible for you to develop your pilot skills before launching into battle. Get those nimble manoeuvres down and practice your navigation in this freeplay space.

4) AR AI

MekaMon also features an augmented reality single player mode in which pilots can fend off waves of AI enemies to rise the ranks of the Mekacademy. Perfect for getting to know your robot’s combat manoeuvres and testing out new strategies!

5) A Future-Proof Robot

MekaMon will continue to advance to ensure it’s consistently on the cutting edge of technology. Through firmware updates, and thanks to the robot’s modular design (more on this later), your MekaMon will always have exciting new features to look forward to.

6) Swift Playgrounds Support

If you’ve ever wanted an inside look at how MekaMon works, or fancied yourself a programmer without having an ounce of coding experience, Swift Playgrounds is for you. Using fun and interactive learning experiences to teach you how to code using Apple’s very own programming language, Swift, the Swift Playgrounds iPad app will have you in full control of your MekaMon in no time. Follow our exercises and lessons to apply your Swift knowledge to your MekaMon robot’s movement, gait, armour and weaponry variables in the first of our Swift Playgrounds updates to get field testing your robot now! Learn more about Swift Playgrounds and MekaMon here link to earlier Swift Playgrounds blog.

7) Modular Design

When it comes to updates and upgrades, MekaMon is ready for anything. A modular design allows you full freedom over the way your MekaMon fights, and the armour it employs to defend itself. In the future, you will be able to match these upgrades to your play style and employ armoury tactics to ensure your opponent’s defeat.

8) There’s Always More AUGs!

Alongside better attack or defence rates, each extra item of future weaponry or armour also comes with a brand new AUG deck for use in battle. A true competitive advantage, used correctly these new AUGs will infuse unique creativity in your play style and tactics.

9) A Long Time Coming

MekaMon is the product of four years of development by Reach Robotics founder Silas Adekunle and his team of developers. Over 27 prototypes and over 300 parts per machine later, MekaMon is the world’s first gaming robot, and the first product of Reach Robotics.

10) It’s All Available Now!

You can pick up your very own MekaMon from an Apple Store near you, or preorder a model from our official website.


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