Battle Mode: Know Your Tactics

How Does Your Strategy Match Up?

Facing off against each other in Mek v Mek combat requires a steady hand and quick reactions. Battle Mode combines the depth and strategy of collectable card games with the action of mecha shooters. Build your deck loadout and take your specialised approach into battle with these tactical advantages.

two mekamon robots in battle mode against white background

Know Your MekaMon

MekaMon have stronger and weaker points of attack on their bodies. While the front of the robot is difficult to infiltrate, the back and sides are left relatively vulnerable. Ensure you do not allow your opponent to attack you from these angles, as you stand to lose a lot of shield health dangerously quickly. Similarly, take advantage of your opponent’s missteps and strike while you are in range of these angles.

Know Your Arena

You may vary your battle arena, or you may have refined your designated battleground to provide plenty of obstacles and cover. Either way, make a point of taking advantage of your arena space. Use cover to take shelter from incoming attacks. Force your opponent into corners and use open spaces to carry out intense attacks, however, be sure to keep escape routes in mind in case of return fire. Above all, be creative – you design your arena and can organise according to your own playstyle, so be sure to incorporate your tactical advantages into your creation.

Know Your Movements

Dive into Free Drive┬áto keep your manoeuvres nimble and your movement fluid. Likewise, AR mode provides excellent single player combat training to put these movements to the test. Practice MekaMon’s controls to master dexterous side-steps and swift battle strikes.

Know Your AUGs

A deep understanding of your AUG deck will give you a considerable tactical advantage on the battle-field. While you can study each individual AUG’s capabilities in our Knowledge Base, strengths often lie in the way you play your AUGs. First and foremost, don’t spam your AUGs. Instead, measure your use and keep your temperature gauge low to avoid burning out, leaving yourself vulnerable. In fact, a consistent eye on your temperature gauge will keep your MekaMon running efficiently during battle. Save your heavy attacks for those clinching moments, and use short bursts to whittle your opponent’s shield slowly. Pay attention to which AUGs you are selecting and playing. You should be able to release the right amount of gunfire at the right moment while remaining clear on how much heat they will generate.


Get creative and develop your own unique tactics. From AUGs and movement to arena design, knowing your Battle Mode tactics will serve you well on the battlefield.


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