Behind The MekaMon Trailer

Go Behind The Scenes Of The MekaMon Trailer With Director Richard Penfold

Last week, we introduced the world to MekaMon with a flagship cinematic trailer. Now’s your chance to venture behind the scenes!

filming MekaMon trailer


MekaMon launched to the UK, US, and Europe last week. Since then over 27,000 people have watched two robots battling it out in our cinematic MekaMon trailer. Viewers are privy to a one on one battle between the two competing robots, with every animation and step providing insight into their characterisation and personality. Ultimately, however, fun was at the heart of this endeavour.

Director Richard Penfold explains: “It’s got loads of personality, it’s got a fantastic sense of character. So what we’re trying to do today is just make sure that that character comes through the film. So a lot of the techniques that we’re applying to it are to really elevate some of its movements”

The MekaMon trailer provides fans with the opportunity to see a battle between the white Mekacademy model and black Delta model play out in full. MekaMon’s complexity of movement and dexterity was also on show, as well as the personality and lifelike characterisation of the robots themselves. The full trailer is available below:

MekaMon: Next Level Robotics, Gaming & AR


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