How To Use MekaMotion

Get Creative With MekaMon’s Latest Feature

MekaMotion is the latest feature to hit the MekaMon app. With it comes a wealth of creative opportunities for experimenting with your MekaMon and sharing your results with other users! Get started quickly with this MekaMotion Explained video from Ryan!

MekaMotion records the position of each of your robots leg every time you press record, meaning you can place them in any position and create a fluid animation using a stop-motion effect. Ryan takes us through positioning your robot, creating and editing your animation, and uploading it to the MekaCentral server for others to enjoy. Be sure to get to know the feature before you jump into making your first animation!

This will be the first screen you see;

MekaMotion Public Tab

Along the top you can see you have three tabs – Public, Installed, and My Motions. Public is where you can check out, download, and then edit, the creations of other MekaMon players, or see how many likes your latest animation earned. Your Installed library is where you can scroll through the animations you’ve downloaded from this Public section – making different adjustments to them to create something brand new! Similarly, your personal creations are kept in My Motions, your finished animations and your works in progress. Tap on this last tab to begin making your first animation.

Tap the Plus sign on the right side of the screen to get started.

MekaMotion new animation timeline

Just as Ryan demonstrates in the video above, you will be creating your animations by physically moving your robot. Select a leg you would like to move from the options on the left of the screen. You will see that it then turns orange. You can now move that leg into the position you would like it to be in during the first frame. Select the length of time you want between frames by clicking on the timeline and press the record button. This will capture the current state of all of MekaMon’s legs, so be sure you’ve finished with each leg when you click the first record button. If you’re not happy with a frame, you can simply tap it and press the delete button, or use the undo feature.

copy and paste


If you want to repeatedly move between two frames, there’s no need to move your robot back and forth each time. Simply select your frame and press the ‘Copy’ option from the tool bar. Move along the timeline to the chosen time of your next frame, and press ‘Paste’.


MekaMotion multiselect tool


To select multiple frames to copy and paste, use the multi-select tool. Then, select your frames by dragging over the hexagons you need.



reset default pose mekamotion


If you want to return your MekaMon to its default standing pose select the Default Pose button, which will create a new frame setting MekaMon back to its standing state.



MekaMotion upload icon

So, you’ve finished your first animation. What can you do with it now? Once you’ve named and saved your creation, it will be available to use in Free Drive mode. You can also share it with other MekaMon players via MekaCentral. Head over to your My Motions page and select the animation you want to share. Then select the Publish option on the right hand side of the screen, indicated by a world icon.


You will then be able to write a description for your animation and press Publish.

MekaMotion publish animationLike, Comment, Report


If you want to see what others have been up to, tap the Public tab. You can like and post comments on other users’ animations by tapping the relevant icons on the right hand side of the screen. Similarly, you can report any inappropriate animations, animation names, or comments to our moderators.


MekaMotion downloadThe top Play button on this right hand side menu allows you to watch your MekaMon perform the animation you have selected. If you like it, you can tap to download it onto your device. This animation will now appear in your Installed tab. You can tap the pencil icon to go in and edit the animation for yourself!

You’re all set and ready to create your first animation! We’re looking forward to see what you create! If you have any problems with MekaMotion, or perhaps you need some more information on using the feature, check out our Knowledge Base for in-depth guides or get in touch with us directly at support@mekamon.com. If you want to learn more about where MekaMotion came from, head over to our post “MekaMotion: Behind The Scenes“.





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