Introducing Meteoroids Party

Enjoy classic MekaMon Meteoroids with friends!

Meteoroids Party mode brings competitive action to the Arcade Mode in a tactical multiplayer arena.


Take turns blasting meteoroids in order to secure your spot at the top of the leaderboard by sabotaging your friends’ efforts! In Meteoroids Party, multiple players can compete to overcome challenging Meteoroids levels with an added twist. At the end of each player’s turn, they receive a series of level-altering effects to distribute among their peers as they see fit. Expect slower movement, tougher meteors, erratic shooting, and… rubber ducks? A single MekaMon robot and a connected smart device are all you need to play!


Begin by snapping some photos to add your players, and once your party is all set to go you can launch the game. These images will be used to distinguish your players, and let you know whose turn it is as well as who you’re targeting!


The winner is the last player standing, with each player losing a point for every wave they fail. Get all the way down to zero and you’re out of the game, leaving a hectic race for first prize!





Find Meteoroids Party in the Arcade section of your MekaMon app!


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