Making A MekaMon Go Pro Mount

This MekaMon User Created A Go Pro Mount Mod – We Caught Up With Him To See How It’s Done!

Life from a MekaMon’s point of view can be turbulent (just check out the watery end of this Mecha Labs’ YouTube video), so when we heard about this user’s Go Pro mount mod project we had to follow his progress. The mount is now finished, so we caught up with its creator to find out more behind this Meka-Eye View build!

What inspired you to create your Go Pro mount? Did the idea come before or after you purchased your MekaMon?

I mount a Go Pro on everything! Be it drones, rockets, submarines etc. I like to see the perspective of the device carrying the camera, I find it interesting and you will see things you wouldn’t normally see otherwise.

After I received my MekaMon and held it in my hands, I was really impressed with the cool look and design of it. It truly is like a little creature that expresses itself with its movements – the way it walks gives it a character most robots just don’t have. I wanted to make a camera mount that blended in with the great design and not interfere with the wide range of leg movements possible. How to attach the mount was a bit of a brain tickler. As with most of my ideas it came to me in the shower. I experimented a little and found that by casting a mating shape that fits into the port cavities, enough force / friction is generated to hold the mount and camera – and probably some other stuff as well.

How did you create your mount? What tools, parts, and programs did you use to make it and how did you use them?

I went the old-fashioned route with the fabrication of the part. No CAD or software. I made a clay dam around the top of the “shell” and sealed any area that may leak with clay. I then srayed the dammed in area with mold release. After the mold release spray had set, I held my breath and poured liquid plastic resin onto the top shell hoping nothing would leak. Once the plastic had cured, I pulled it off and had a blob of hardened plastic with a perfect mating surface that conformed to the top shell and the port cavities. Then, a lot of sanding and shaping took place to get the look I wanted.

I glued the post mount on the tail end and added some body filler to smooth everything out and painted everything with primer. This is what is called the “master part”, it is a composite of body filler, epoxy and glued on parts. To make everything one solid piece, I had to make a mold of the master. Once the mold was made, I poured liquid plastic into the mold, let it cure overnight, and out popped a perfect reproduction of the master. I plan on making several of the parts for further experimentation so now this can be done easily.

What have you been up to with the Go Pro mount since you finished it?

Well, I used a wireless video transmitter and was able to drive MekaMon around the house remotely with my VR goggles. I also took him outside for a little video (see above). MekaMon survived a deep dunk in the water. I had to take him all apart to dry things out (unscrewing him bit by bit, even the legs to dry out the motors and ports, and spraying many of the components with WD-40 to displace the moisture before wiping everything dry), but he works perfectly Рgreat job on the robust electronic design!

What do you plan on making with MekaMon next?

I will definitely experiment with the camera mount and try to eliminate some jiggle, with a gimbal perhaps. I think some modified feet for bettery grip on slippery rocks too! Some clear leg shields that light up would look cool… a manipulator… rocket launcher… there are a lot of things bouncing around in my head – so many possibilities!

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to make their own MekaMon custom parts?

Yes – Just do it! Don’t be afraid to work with your hands and make that idea in your head real. I’m sure many MekaMon users have a better imagination than me. There is that amazing idea out there that hasn’t been brought into the real world yet. Create! That’s what a product like this helps us do – it stimulates the imagination and our creativity!

We’d like to extend a massive thanks to this user for sharing some fantastic insights into his latest project! To stay up to date with his developments, and those of a host of other inspiring creators, be sure to check out our Community Forum! You can find out more about this project on the Community Forum thread and follow Mecha Labs on YouTube to see more projects!


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