MekaMon: Explained

Join Ryan On A Tour Of MekaMon’s Game Modes and Features

From AR to one on one battle, Reach Robotics’ Ryan explains MekaMon’s game modes and takes viewers through the MekaMon hardware, app, and upcoming features!


MekaMon is a gaming robot with augmented reality and real-life gameplay. Inside the box, you’ll receive a handy Quick Start Guide, AR mat, charger, battery, two weapons, and four shields. MekaMon is modular, so you can switch out your weapons and shields to suit your playstyle! Your MekaMon knows which shield is attached and whether it has weapons connected. This will effect your gameplay, with a higher ranking shield providing more protection etc. There’s plenty of room to experiment with different shields and weapons to suit your own playstyle and tactical approach.

MekaMon with customised shields and battery

MekaMon carries four infrared sensors around the body, modular legs with three degrees of freedom each, and a removable battery pack. This battery lasts for an hour and a half and takes around an hour to charge.

To play with MekaMon, you will need to download the free MekaMon app from the App Store or Play Store.

The Game Modes

Dropzone gameplay


Free Drive (formerly DropZone) is a free roam game mode allowing you to pilot the robot and experiment with its stance, gait, speed, and animations.






Archives allow you to go deeper into the world of MekaMon by learning its lore and history. Discover its charactersand backstory, in addition to taking an augmented reality tour of the Mekacademy.




MekaMon AR Simulation


AR Simulation pits you against AI enemies in a base defence game mode in augmented reality. AI enemies will attempt to attack your robot and your base, and it’s your job to defend both. As you progress through the waves, enemies become smarter, requiring a higher level of tactical awareness.



MekaMon Meteoroids gameplay



Meteoroids is one of our Arcade Mode titles. Shoot incoming meteoroids to avoid being hit and survive every wave tobeat the game! Choose your difficulty level and compete for the highest score in the first of our classic arcade titles.



MekaMon battle mode hit


Battle Mode sees players face off in head to head combat between two MekaMon pilots each with their own robot. The two robots communicate using infrared sensors and wifi. Your robot will detect where it’s been hit and react accordingly in battle. You can also add objects into the battlefield to provide tactical cover.



In Battle Mode and AR Simulation Mode, each attack or defence move costs you points from your heat gauge. If you spam your AUGs, your systems will overheat and shut down, leaving you vulnerable to heavy attack.


These moves, or AUGs, come from the deck you select before you enter your game mode. There are currently two decks to choose from.The Aggro Deck is a hard and fast experience with less powerful but more frequent attacks. The Control Deck, on the other hand is more tactical and slow, with less attacks at your disposal but considerably more power behind each one.

Continued Support

MekaMon character concepts



We are currently working on a host of new game modes, abilities, and features for your MekaMon. These will be available to all MekaMon pilots for free!




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