Top 5 Community Animations In The MekaMotion Public Library

It’s been 3 months since MekaMotion launched, let’s see what you’ve been up to!

From dabs to The Robot dance, we’ve seen it all in the MekaMotion public library, so we’re counting down our office favourites!

5) MekaMon Happy Wave

A greeting from MekaMon is always warmer when it’s one you’ve taught it yourself! This happy little wave from user Cap has our hearts melting every time we see it! It’s tricky creating an animation that requires a single leg to be in the air, but this user perfects the approach by angling the back legs to provide a sturdy support and resting MekaMon’s weight on the right leg. The robot also slowly rises throughout the course of the wave to keep the legs taut against the force of gravity!

4) Do A Little Dance

A few leg taps and some fancy footwork make this little dance from user Benerator worthy of a spot in the National Ballet. Taking the body of the robot all the way to the ground, Benerator is able to move the legs freely without worrying about balance or stressing the joints. This is the best way to get complex leg movements working fluidly, and it certainly pays off with the second half of this little dance. Some adorable Charleston-esque tap work are the perfect flourish to this flawless routine.

3) Hit ‘Em With The (Robo)Dab

Dabbing is sooo 2015, but our robots were only born in 2017 so we’ll allow them to catch up on the world of pop culture and plus, this robo-dab makes a perfect Victory move. The two right legs support the full weight of the robot during the actual dab, a position achieved by the initial rise of the robot. This is a great way to get a punchy move in using one of the front legs, as the robot’s body won’t tip forward when the front leg lifts off the ground. The back left leg supports this through its extension, keeping MekaMon’s body off the ground and angled upwards for the best balance.

2) Mr Roboto

We must admit, we were waiting for this one. So, when user Hunter2 uploaded their Mr Roboto animation we were thrilled to see it take form! The timeless dance floor clearer serves MekaMon well, and the sound of the legs only adds to the effect! We have a different example of a potential method for balancing the robot on three legs here, too! Hunter2 brings the body of the robot all the way up and keeps the legs at an angle to form a tripod effect. The body is slightly tilted away from the left to provide extra support for this balance and the front left leg is free to swing in all its mechanical glory!

1) The Worm

Who knew MekaMon was such a fantastic dancer?! This worm animation by cirlam has us laughing every time, especially when we loop it and see just how far it can slither through the office! It’s also an excellent example of how you can make MekaMon travel through your animations. Here, cirlam takes the force behind the front two legs and uses it to propel the body of the robot backwards, exactly like the actual worm dance!

Seen something you like? You can download each of these animations from the MekaMotion public library and add them to your own Free Drive section, as well as adding to them in MekaMotion! Keep creating these awesome moves, we love playing with them in the office!


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