What’s In The MekaMon Arcade?

In The Beginning, There Were Meteoroids…

Meteoroids level start

Find out what’s in store when you launch your very own virtual arcade!

If you’ve ever wondered whatever happened to good old-fashioned quickfire arcade shooters, you’ve come to the right place. Except we’ve replaced ‘old-fashioned’ with cutting edge robotics and augmented reality gameplay…


Meteoroids is MekaMon’s answer to Asteroids. A classic space shooter with a gaming robot at the helm, Meteoroids sees players fend off incoming meteors using projectile attacks. Use your MekaMon’s weapons, take down approaching meteors before they collide with your robot and cost you valuable health points. Keep an eye on your score, and be sure to submit it to your own leaderboard!

MekaMon Meteoroids arcade game difficulty

Meteoroids offers four levels of difficulty. We urge new recruits to test the game with Easy Mode before graduating to Medium and Hard. Insane Mode affords only one life, so you’ll have to be quick off the mark to keep the chaos under control.


Meteoroids Party

Meteoroids Party brings your friends into the mix with multiplayer action all with one MekaMon robot. A last man standing version of MekaMon classic Meteoroids, Meteoroids Party introduces new mechanics used to sabotage your friends’ efforts and take the top spot on the leader-board. Connect one smart device to one MekaMon and you’re good to go, simply launch the game mode from the Arcade Mode section of the app and take your photo to load add yourself as a player. Take turns to defend yourself against Meteoroids, but beware of the hazards your fellow players have left for you! At the end of your turn, take revenge by selecting which of your friends will receive a more difficult round next time.

What Else?

Arcade Mode will be continually updated with new challenges and games to put your MekaMon through its paces. Keep an eye on the app to stay up to date on all arcade offerings!


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