Meet MekaMon

This is the future of gaming. Multi-functional, connected battlebots with augmented reality capabilities. Sharpen your skills in single-player mode and fight hostile aliens in AR. Have endless fun with MekaMon Arcade games or engage Battle Mode for Mek-to-Mek warfare with other bots. With infinite challenges to conquer, there’s always a battle waiting.

MekaMon – Next Level Robotics, Gaming and AR.

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Reach Robotics’ MekaMon might just be the most fun and accessible robot on the market. Leveraging augmented reality, anyone interested in a good time can whip out their smartphone to battle their bots in the physical and virtual worlds at the same time.

John Mannes - TechCrunch

Challenge Your Friends

Engage Battle Mode for multiplayer Mek-to-Mek warfare starting at 2 players (each with their own MekaMon).


Smartphone Ready

Free app available for download on iOS and Android devices. Connects via Bluetooth LE.


Make it Yours

Build your MekaMon to match your combat style. Customize with weapons upgrades, shields and armor accessories.


Go Virtual

Sharpen your skills in single-player mode and fight hostile aliens in augmented reality.


Single Player




Group Play


MekaMon Universe

There’s always more to explore — the universe of MekaMon is expanding, and the more you play, the more challenges await. Level up and advance through training on your own and defeat other players head on.


Are You Ready?